Thursday, July 7, 2011


On June 11th my cousin, Julianne married Drew. We had a great weekend celebrating their new life together with family and friends. Although it was cool and rainy most of the weekend, Saturday morning the weather for the wedding was just right.

Here is a timeline of the weekend in pictures...

Thursday night the mothers began preparing the flowers for bouquets and centerpieces (Tim just happened to be in the room when I took the picture, he wasn't helping with flowers, he was helping with something else!)

Friday began with a bridal shower for Julianne-the guys were off having fun somewhere!:)

Julianne got some lovely presents, which Abby wanted to check out...

The guests even got a little something!


Waiting for Julianne...

The final prayer

Okay, a lot happened in between these two pictures...singing, parents, friends and brothers reading scripture and praying, a message, exchanging rings and vows, and lots of smiles!

Then we got to party!

All the Benton relatives

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Julianne said...

thanks so much for celebrating with us Shan, and for taking such wonderful pictures and helping to put on the reception. we're so honored and glad to have been able to spend time with you - although not nearly enough!