Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ahhh, summer

Today was much cooler than it has been for the past 10 days or so, but summer has arrived here in Japan. It arrived overnight. I am not complaining. Finally, I can find a place where I am not cold! And, with all of the electricity saving ideas going around this summer, maybe not all buildings will be freezing!

Apparently, I am crazy. All of my friends keep telling me that. I like summer, yes, Japanese, hot, humid summer. I am not saying that I don't get hot and sweat like crazy, I am just saying that I don't mind it. I do agree, that feeling sweaty all the time is not necessarily the best feeling in the world. But, it is not the worst, either. I love that when I go running I come home looking like I just stepped out of the shower and feeling like I can conquer the world-well, okay, like I just conquered 5K!

I love eating watermelon and kakigori, shaved ice that is an experience in itself, salads and fresh tomatoes, although I'm not growing my own this year, white peaches and somen, thin, cold noodles served over ice.

I love carrying a fan and a summer sweater with me all the time, trying to stand in the shade of a light pole, finding out that sun umbrellas really are helpful, and riding in the 'mildly air conditioned' train car.

So, as we head into what looks to be a long hot summer, I am going to enjoy myself.

(Soon I will share about my early summer trip which I blame for my not posting in June:)


McMGrad89 said...

Welcome back. I think you like summer so much because of growing up where it's so cold. I will tell you, last summer was a welcome relief when the temperatures didn't go above 16C while on holiday. It made it so much harder to go back home. Summer is not disappointing its fans in Texas (or Missouri for that matter.) It is H.O.T - HOT!

Enjoy the shadows.


Carrie said...

I totally relate - I LOVE summer. We've been home for weeks and today was the first day that I got up and it felt warm and like summer should feel! I was so happy!