Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Welcome to my new place! This is the entrance, just waiting for your arrival.

I have already been blessed by my new place. Every morning I sit and look out the windows at the mountains as I talk to God and have breakfast. Being on the 9th floor has its advantages!

A couple of days ago I met a lady who lives in my building. She and her family lived in NJ for five years and just returned last summer. Her daughter is in 6th grade. Mrs. Sasaki is excited to introduce me to her daughter. She is also looking forward to having lunch together. She said that when she saw my name on my post box she was wondering how she could meet me!

On my floor in my section of the building there are three units. The family in 901 seems very nice. Every time I see Mrs. Tanaka she tells me to ring the bell and come in for tea any time. I am looking forward to doing that soon!

This week Melissa and I took a road trip to Ikea. We had a good time looking at dining room tables and trying out the chairs. I found a table and chairs I liked. I went with the mix and match set:)

So, now that all the boxes are put away and I have a table, when do you want to come visit?


Lori said...

I went to IKEA on Saturday! I made one of 3 pieces of furniture I purchased and now I also wonder about what to do with the pile of boxes! I love the look of your dining room! Can't wait to visit!
Say, if you're free Spring Festival at KCS is this week - Friday from 12-3ish. come and enjoy the fun!

McMGrad89 said...

Caitlin is so ready to come! She keeps asking me when???

Glad to hear you have nice neighbors.

Ellie said...

Love the look, so love Ikea, and would absolutely love to come over for coffee, ah, but the trip... :)

Mommy Missionary said...

Very cute Shan! Looks like a great home base. Welcome Home!