Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Life keeps moving on, doesn't it?! I have spent most of the time I have been back unpacking boxes and trying to find a place to put everything in my new place. It has been a lot of fun. I am just about finished. Tomorrow Paul is going to come see if he can figure out why the faucet to my washing machine is spraying water everywhere. I guess it is about time to get a cell phone and get the internet connected at my place.

And, while all of this is going on, I have had chances to reconnect with friends, go to church and attend Gospel choir. We are having a concert in July so have started practicing for that. We also have some new members who I am excited to get to know.

As I spend time trying to get everything unpacked I sort of wonder how long it will be until I am packing again. Then I am reminded...
"This world is not my home, I just passing through..."
Do you think I will get to live in the same mansion for all of eternity?!

(I know this is not some of my most stimulating writing, just wanted to give you a quick update before I am away from the internet for another day or so again!)


McMGrad89 said...

Glad you are getting settled.

Lori said...

Moving will no doubt be easier in Heaven as we will have so much less baggage.
Keep up the God work.