Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Happenings

I have been doing a lot of traveling the past month. During that time my parents have also been remodeling the kitchen. Last week one section got done! Here is a picture of what it looks like...

They took off all of the cupboard doors, painted them, put on new knobs, took off countertops, ordered new ones as well as new appliances and painted the walls. Thankfully, the new microwave is here since we have been without since before Christmas. Today Mom is painting the closet door. They are waiting for a friend to help with the texturing of one wall and to help put in the long counter. Then the new stove and fridge will be installed. It is looking nice!

Saturday I was sitting in the computer room (my old bedroom) and noticed a hungry critter eating the red berries off the bush outside the window. Isn't it cool how God planned nature to take care of the animals even during the winter?!

Saturday night I was privileged to have dinner with 3 wonderful couples. The men in my dad's Wednesday noon Bible study decided to take their wives out for dinner, and included me, too. We were planning to go to Sioux Falls for dinner, however, the weather was terrible. Therefore, the couple who live in Sioux Falls did not get to join us. We had a great time, good food and conversation. The evening finished with us watching the SDSU/NDSU basketball game which went into double overtime.

Dad also surprised Mom and me with lovely flowers!

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