Saturday, February 20, 2010

Missions Fun

The weekend of the big football game I was in the Detroit, Michigan area. The NAB churches in the area work together to host a weekend of missions activities each year. This year was my 3rd time to attend (not 4th as I mistakenly said at the closing service) and each time has been a unique and great event. I am going to post pictures of activities because a picture is worth a thousand words!

I got to attend a school field trip to a saw mill and learn all about the life of lumberjacks.

The missionary guests posing for a picture after the Friday evening opening service which was preceded by an amazing meal.

Saturday's big event, the NAB world tour, Japan stop.

The "in-country" tour guides, Shan and Carol.
Each group that arrived had a tour guide traveling with them from Cameroon to Japan and finally to Nigeria. Then the missionaries were the in-country tour guides.

The Nigerian tour guides, Dave and Mary June Burgess.

The Cameroonian guides, Lori Hiller and Debi and Lance Rundus.

Saturday afternoon/evening was spent with the youth, bowling, eating pizza and sharing testimonies.
Sunday morning we each got to share at a different church in various capacities. Then Sunday late afternoon we had a closing service sharing prayer requests and teaching the children about our countries.
The weekend ended watching the big game:)

Love these churches' heart for missions! Thanks, y'all!

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Wendy said...

Wow, that takes a lot of work to organise. What did the 'inside' of the countries look like?

Years ago when we were still preparing to go to Japan we organised a simulated airplane tour. It was huge, but also hugely time consuming to put together.

These days we tend to go for a smaller programme, but still love it when individuals within churches get super enthusiastic about mission.