Friday, February 26, 2010

Inside the Japan Room

So, in the last post I talked about the World Tour held in Michigan. I thought I'd take you inside the Japan room. The amazing thing is, the church in charge of the Japan room (as well as the ones in charge of the other countries) did all of the decorating. We just showed up and talked! Well, we did give some advice.

Upon entering Japan, the guests entered a Japanese living room. (We had planned to have them put on hospital booties over their shoes to simulate taking off shoes and putting on slippers like we do in Japan. However, after the first group, the groups were so big we didn't want to take time to do that.)
This is one of the little girls who passed out snacks to our guests.

From the living room we headed into the garden...

After listening to Carol and me our guests headed to the calligraphy/anime area. Two gals from the church dressed in beautiful kimonos had made up some anime coloring pages and had been practicing katakana so that they could write the kids' names in Japanese.

Then the guests were then treated to a martial arts demonstration...

And, finally, the guests sampled some delicious sushi!
(FYI: sushi does not equal raw fish!)

Very fun day!

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