Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Party

I finally have a few minutes to blog again, or am taking a few minutes. At this moment every Christmas candle in my apartment is lit so I can melt them down before packing up all my Christmas candle holders. So, as I enjoy the last few minutes of Christmas in my apartment I thought I'd share about the Christmas party we had on December 23.

December 23 is the Emperor's birthday so it is a national holiday in Japan. Kongo Bible Church and Komyo Christian Church hosted a birthday party for the King of kings on that day. This is the third year I have participated in this party and once again had a wonderful time. I got to see several of my former English students and some of my current students attended, too.

Melissa shared the children's story again this year and did a great job! (She obviously has done a great job of sharing the story in her own family because Elijah knew all the answers to her questions:)

Paul and I played our instruments with the Christmas carols.

AGC sang this year again. (All the empty chairs are where the choir members were sitting!:)

After the Christmas party we had another Christmas party with the ladies from choir. We went to a nearby restaurant for chicken shabu shabu. Here are a few of us waiting for our food...

At the party we also had a Christmas trivia game with impromptu manzai act by Paul and Doug as well as a gift opening talk from Doug.
Another fun day with many opportunities to share why we celebrate Christmas.

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Traci said...

the glow of the candles is so beautiful....