Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's with Yumi

On January 2nd I went with my friend Yumi and her family to her sister's house to have dinner with their families and parents. We had a yummy meal and good conversations.

When we arrived the kitchen was full with the three ladies so I was told to just sit down and chat. Somehow I ended up at the men's table talking with Dad and the two husbands. Yumi's dad did a lot of traveling for his job so we had a good time talking about all the places he has been. Yumi came and joined us at our table when it was time to eat. Later she said that she hadn't even heard some of those stories before. (Her dad claims to have told them but she wasn't listening!:)

For appetizers we had scallops and herring roe, salmon roe and cucumbers with miso, all 'fresh' as they like to say, i.e. uncooked.

Then we had a delicious grilled fish. It was pretty big so we each took a bit and passed it on.

The main dish was 'kani nabe' crab hotpot. I didn't take a picture of it because we were enjoying eating too much! There is a hotplate in the middle of the table with a big pottery dish on it filled with broth, veggies, and finally, crab legs. You just take your own chopsticks and dig in, pulling out the food that you want. It was delicious, too! I ate so much I could hardly move.

These were my chopsticks. We each got a pair with our own name written on the paper case. I guess they would usually use those chopsticks for the three days of new year's celebrations.

Before we left Yumi's parents showed me the tokonoma in the front room filled with New Year's decorations. It was hard to get a picture, I should have used panorama to get all the way to the top.

For some reason I did not take any pictures of people, I guess we were too busy eating! It was a fun evening with amazing food, even the raw stuff!


Anonymous said...

How fun being included with family. How like dad's to let us know there were times we weren't listening. I was thinking my Heavenly dad has told me so many times He will show me His ways and He will teach me the right path and yet I use my "own" paths and what a mess! Were you able to tell about the path you are on of being God's daughter and following His path to Japan for His purpose? Yumi is a dear friend to you. Being sure to include her in my prayers. love someone who wants to read God's map better

Coachdad said...

Love ur blog... looks like there was some good food!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for stoping by at my blog. I am glad to discover who are the other single coffeegirls. BTW, do you drink coffee in Japan?
I'll put you on my blog role and plan to read some more. I think I have been here before, but forgot to bookmark it. ;-(