Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in my apartment

Here are a few pics of Christmas in my apartment this year. As always, I had a fun time decorating and have enjoyed looking at the decorations this month. I even got to share them with a few friends and students as they came over for classes and fellowship times.

One of my friends from the U.S. sent me some of the ingredients for homemade hot cocoa. This is my first batch in front of my Christmas tree. This was an easy and fun Christmas present. Thanks for the help, Donna!

My advent wreath on the fourth Sunday of Advent. Having this on my table gave me several opportunities to talk about waiting for Jesus' birth and how important His birth is to me.

The nativity scene in my entry. The angel in the back is new-thanks Cindy! I like the battery operated candles I got at the dollar store last home assignment. I can keep them lit while I am gone, too!:)

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McMGrad89 said...

Oh so pretty. I am glad the decorations give you a way to teach about Jesus.

Happy New Year