Thursday, December 11, 2008

saving space

How we save space in Japan...

Yes, that really is a road, an expressway, right through a building in downtown Osaka! Apparently, the highway department bought two floors of the building so they could put a road through it.

Gotta have some way to get from point a to point b!


Anonymous said...

Interesting. It takes co-operation to follow a path that goes somewhere. This time of year I'm thinking of the awesome co-operation that the Son of God showed His Father so a path could be made to follow Him to Heaven. Just think He even gave us a road map His Word so we wouldn't get lost and yet how many times do I get "sidetracked" along my way? All I have to do is trust my heavenly Father because He wants what's best.
Guess I'll work harder at the plan He already has mapped out for me.

Ellie said...

What a fun idea - I'll have to show my son this one.

They do that in Europe n some towns, but with several hundred year old buildings.