Friday, July 4, 2008

Sad Day

On Sunday, June 29th, my friends Ayako and Akihiro Naka closed their restaurant, Small Talk. It was a sad day! My friend and I sat there for 3 hours chatting with other regulars and savoring Small Talk food for the last time. Some of the people I hadn't talked to before except to greet them, but we had a common experience to share.
They don't have any plans yet except to get the shop cleaned out and get Ayako's health checked out. Then they will be moving on to the next step.
We still have plans to go to Costco together, go to other restaurants together, etc.!

Working together behind the counter.

With Nakas and my new Australian friend, Madison.

At the time of this post on July 4th you can still go to their website and see pictures of the restaurant under "About Us."


McMGrad89 said...

I was sad to hear your friend's restaurant closed...especially on what (to Americans) is such a special day. I hope everything is okay for them. Enjoy going to Costco. :-)

Brandize said...

So sorry for the sad news. I hope they can take the time needed to improve her health. Have fun... where's Costco... ha!