Thursday, July 31, 2008

JMF Summer Conference

JBC, JMF, what do all these letters mean?! JBC is the Japan Baptist Conference, our sister conference here in Japan. JMF is the Japan Mission Fellowship, aka the NAB missionaries here. Every summer we have a conference for study, fellowship and relaxation. This year's conference was held in Tsuruga, Fukui.
(The kanji in the photo is 'ishi' which means stone. One of our lessons was about living stones! An appropriate picture for our room!)

We found out about this little seaside town from our Japanese teacher, Mrs. Takao. She grew up there and still has relatives there. She told us all about walking down to the beach every day when she was a little girl and the beautiful pine forest on the edge of the beach.

So, we headed off for a few days of fun and study! (Mr. and Mrs. Takao actually came with us to help take care of the Ewing boys while we had our study sessions.)

For our study sessions we watched the DVD "In the Dust of the Rabbi" with Ray VanderLaan (I don't remember how to spell his name:) We learned a lot and had good discussions about being a disciple of the Rabbi.
Here is a little picture story of our time there...

On the boat touring the five lakes region.

Noah and Mr. Takao are tired out from their time at the pool!

Then we made chopsticks in Obama city. Yes, it is the real name of a city here!

Learning how to make kamaboko and chikuwa, a food product made from fish, flour, and potato flakes, I think it was. Elijah even got in on the action!

A delicious dinner after an afternoon at the beach!

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