Sunday, July 27, 2008

JBC Summer Camp

I got to attend the Japan Baptist Conference Summer Camp-as the girls' counselor-last weekend. It is kinda fun being this age and getting to go to youth camp! Anyway, about 15 of us got together for study, fellowship, and fun in Tsu.

Here are a few pictures to tell the story...

Those of us who arrived before registration entertained ourselves with stacking pens and playing Jenga.

We had great times of music with a variety of instruments!

We attended Joy Chapel and participated in a skit...

We found Shioji san's hidden talent, acting!

The Sunday night group

The Monday morning group, a few people went home and a few people joined us.

We ended with a BBQ on the beach and a game of soccer-and a sunburn for those of us with caucasian skin!

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McMGrad89 said...

Hey Shan. You should video some of these little skits next time and post them on GodTube and then you can post them here on your blog. It would be so nice to see you in action - even if we don't understand what you're saying. :-)