Saturday, June 7, 2008


Last night I went to Karaoke with Mr. and Mrs. Shindo. It has been a long time since I've been to Karaoke. We sang for 4 hours and had a great time! They are both good singers.

In Japan karaoke is a private party. You go to a karaoke center-a building filled with little rooms. Each room contains a couch, coffee table, TV and karaoke machine. There is also a telephone for room service. And, big books listing all the songs you can choose from-thankfully there is a huge list of English songs! There are also Korean, Chinese, and songs from the Philippines available. The English songs included everything from Frank Sinatra to ZZ Top, Disney to Gospel! I stuck to Frank Sinatra era songs, Gospel songs and show tunes.

Mrs. Shindo and I are singing the Carpenters "Top of the World," which is always a favorite.

And, Mr. Shindo singing a song in Japanese that I am pretending to sing.

The one thing I forgot about is that even if no one in your room is smoking you leave smelling like you've smoked six packs of cigarettes! I couldn't wait to get my clothes washed this morning!

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Brandize said...

AWESOME! what fun!