Sunday, June 15, 2008


So, I must be the luckiest daughter in the world, well, besides my sister! Not only do I have the best mom in the world, I have the best dad, too! It worked out well for me and my sister that they married each other because that means we have the best parents in the world!

What makes my dad so great? Well, for starters, he taught me about being a child of the King. Through all the challenges we have gone through as a family, he has shown me that faith in God is what gets us through one challenge and into the next. I have seen his faith grow over the years and that, in turn, has strengthened my faith.

On top of that, he gives about the best neck massages around and can talk about anything while helping your body heal. He taught me about basketball, running, how to ride a bike, algebra (which blew me away when I found his high school report card!:), how to change the oil in my car, when to change the oil, how to enjoy music even if the only thing you can play is the radio, and how to cry at sad or happy movies or when saying hello or good-bye.

If your dad is half as cool as mine, then you are also blessed!

Thanks, Dad!


Anonymous said...

Knowing our daughters are both following Christ in their lives is the best gift a dad could receive on any occasions. Thank you Shan for following Christ and your commitment to follow Christ wherever you are led.

Shan, you are a wonderful gift from God and dad can only do so much then you get your strength and guidance from God who is our eternal father!

May God continue to be your guide and strength. Thanks for being my daughter.

Brandize said...