Friday, May 23, 2008

Baking and English

Monday was the next installment of Baking and English at Shan's apartment. Pizza was the food of the day. It was incredibly popular! There were 6 students in the morning and 7 in the afternoon class. My little kitchen/dining area was filled to the brim!

For the crust I used a recipe I have been using for several years from the Wycliffe Cookbook. Although it has yeast in it, there is no wait time for rising-always good when you only have a 2 hour class. I provided all "American" toppings for the pizza-no seafood, potatoes or mayo-except for the corn. I think corn is a good addition!

We also made dessert pizza. This took me back to my Pampered Chef days in Texas. I pulled out a bunch of PC products and demonstrated them. Lots of fun. Once again, the egg slicer was a surprise-so many more uses than just for slicing eggs!

In the afternoon class there was one person who had never come before, a friend of another student. It was fun to add another person to the circle and learn about her. (She came with us 3 days later when we went to see Prince Caspian, too.)

Overall, yet another fun time of baking and chatting!

Miki san had fun with the pizza sauce!

They decided to try all of the toppings, even the black olives.

(There are two more photos I wanted to add but they don't want to upload right now. I will try to add them later!)

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SingerMamaMelody said...

Hey Shan!

So fun about the pizza making! Thanks for your comment on my blog about the Cymbala book. I'll have to look into that other one you mentioned.

And I thought of you instantly when I heard the news of SCC's daughter, since we were at his concert a few years back. I remember that little girl being at the concert that night. SO devastating...

Hope you're doing well!