Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kabuki and my cafe

Today my friend Mihoko and I went to see kabuki. She gave me a quick summary of the play before it started which was incredibly helpful! I think I understood less than half of what was said. It didn't help that the men felt they had to talk like the were all basses and had marbles in their mouths. There was one guy and most of the gals who I could understand. Mihoko knows a man who is a playwright so after the play he introduced us to one of the actresses. She is 80 years old. She was great in the play. She is the one in the green to the left of the main guy on the picture.
Before the play started there were the usual announcements, no photography or videos and turn off cell phones. Then there was the announcement that one actor has a tattoo! (I guess you can figure out which one from the picture!)
After the play there was a concert. The main actor is also a singer and most of the other members of the cast also danced. My favorite song was the samba song. Imagine kimono-clad people singing Japanese folk-type music with a samba beat and dancing. It was great fun!

When we had finished chatting with the actress we went to my cafe! It is the Shan cafe! Well, in katakana it is the same as my name. It is the German word Schon with the two dots over the o. The coffee cups had the name of the cafe written on the side so I asked the owner if I could take a picture with one-I did not order coffee:) I think he was entertained by us!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful if the actors and actresses could sign on for eternity for Christ! They could continue to sing, learn lines from the Bible, and experience the star studded cast of heavenly, awesome people who lived their lives for Jehovah God. and received much more than earthly applause. Good for them continuing on in the theater but oh, that they would use their talents to attract others to the Gospel. Do you invite your friends to worship with you?

Mexico Mitchells said...

You could only understand half of the Japanese spoken? Thats pretty good...I'm still struggling to understand 1/3 of the Spaaish in Mexico City.