Friday, November 16, 2007


Monday the 12th was our second baking class. I overbooked so we had a morning and an afternoon class. In the morning there was one new member and one lady who couldn't come. So, it worked out well. Then in the afternoon there were two students, one who had planned to come wasn't able to come.

I forgot to take pictures so the only one I have is this one taken after everyone left of the recipes and the two left over brownies. One the recipes we made had a peanut butter topping. That was a hit! I may be making peanut butter lovers out of these women soon! We made one batch with cocoa powder and the other with melted chocolate. SInce Baker's chocolate is hard, well almost impossible, to find here we used 88percent cocoa chocolate bars. It worked well and they can be found easily here.

It is looking like I am going to need to think seriously about continuing after Christmas. Everyone seems to really enjoy our times together. I really do, too!

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Anonymous said...

The brownies look great and it is in the morning as I read this blog. Where did you find the peanut butter. Maybe Aunt Karen Benton would be a great resource of something to bake for January or February.
You obviously got involved in the baking and fellowship time if you didn't take any photos. Mom says they look yummy!