Sunday, November 4, 2007

AGC Fall Gospel Concert

This morning after church I hurried from our church over to the concert site, Izumi Catholic Church, for our AGC (Anointed Gospel Choir) fall concert. Here is a little re-cap of the afternoon...
While our director was setting up the PA system we were:

The tenor section was practicing.

The soprano section was having fun!

After practice we took a little break during which Ueno san had a little help putting on her fake nails.

I got to introduce the song "It is well with my Soul" and then sang the first verse in English.

Even with the interesting lighting I am guessing I am easy to pick out. It was easy to decide where I would stand, the other sopranos had a little discussion about who was taller and who had to stand in the front row.

After the concert we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Our director and the guest choir's director sang a song for us. They were going to sing another but one of the workers reminded us there were other customers in the restaurant!

It was a fun day! I really enjoyed singing praises with these women. Some members we talked with from the guest choir said that they could feel and hear the difference in our singing. Mrs. Hara explained that our director explains the meanings of the words we are singing as well as prays before and after our lessons. The gals we were talking to said that their main goal was just to memorize the words, they really didn't think about the meaning of what they were singing. What a blessing to be part of a choir in which the director loves Jesus and wants others to know that love!

Thanks for your prayers!

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Anonymous said...

I was so anxious to see and hear about the concert! Just spent two hours talking on the phone to the Penns. people who sold their house in one week and bought a condo in Wisc. and are ready to be grandparents full time. They will arrive on Tues and of course K will have Thanksgiving dinner on Thurs. What a many blessings we've experienced this day to hear all the amazing ways God has worked.