Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Japanese Wedding

Well, I arrived safely back in Japan just in time to go to my friend's wedding on July 7. I met Yuko in Karuizawa while she was working at a church there and I was attending language school. She speaks English well and was hungry for fellowship with other believers. So, we hit it off right away. I was so excited to hear from her back in April when she told me she was engaged!
For a variety of reasons they decided to hold the wedding at a hotel wedding chapel-these are everywhere in Japan, a great money making business for the hotels! It was the first time I have been to a wedding in a hotel in Japan. They provided everything, the music-a mini pipe organ, trumpet player and quartet who sang Ave Maria at the end-the programs, dress rental, etc. They also provide a pastor, often a foreigner. I guess this whole trend started because Japanese girls wanted to have the white wedding dress and 'church' weddings they saw in movies. This hotel allowed Yuko's pastor to give the little sermon, which apparently was longer than the usual wedding.
Several of my friends from Karuizawa were also able to attend so we had a fun time catching up and eating and laughing together.
Overall, it was a fun experience! One thing I need to remember for next time, go to a hair salon and get my hair done up before going to the wedding-or learn to do it myself!

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