Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back again

Well, after signing out and then back on later in the day, I still could not find the previous two posts. So, I went into edit posts, put some more spaces at the end of the wedding one and then re-posted it. For some reason, they appeared after that. I do not even pretend to understand computers but that one is a complete mystery to me. Oh, well, it worked!
So, after that fiasco, I am going to try another post and see if it works.

This picture of my family was taken when I went to the States recently. We had a chance to go to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see Les Miserables to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. I know, my parents don't look old enough to have been married 40 years. But, I was born almost 38 years ago and they were married for 2 years before I was born, so...

My parents have taught me so much about life and marriage. Even though I am not married, I have learned much about marriage from them. Since I am a Christian, I am a member of the church, the Bride of Christ, so these things have helped me in my daily walk with Jesus.

1) Communication-talking to each other about everything is a good idea. Of course, my mom, being a female, has a tendancy to talk more than my dad, but he can hold his own quite well. And, communication is not just spoken, it can also be written. My mom used to leave little notes in my dad's lunch or briefcase or suitcase just to let him know she was thinking of him.

2) Respect-show respect for the spouse God has given you not just in private, but also in public. It is okay for your friends to know you actually like and respect the person you married. This sounds sort of like a 'duh' but I am amazed when I hear a group of women talking, it seems like they do not like the men they claim to love!

3) Support-When your spouse is going through a challenge, stick by him/her.

4) Laugh-I am pretty sure that while I was living at home there was never a day that we did not laugh. Most often it was after dinner when we were sitting around retelling stories of the day. I learned to laugh at myself and with others at a good story.

5) Pray-It's true, the family that prays together, stays together. My parents taught me how to pray and I heard them model it in their prayers, it wasn't just something the left up to my Sunday school teachers and pastors to teach. As I have grown, I have seen them growing and learning more, too, reminding me that this spiritual journey through life does not end until we go home to Glory.

6) Worship-Going to church together as a family was a given in my family. I don't know that I really questioned it. I was amazed when I got to my Christian college and more than half of the people in my dorm slept in on Sunday mornings. When I got my first job and moved to Texas-1800 miles from home-I was once again amazed at the number of young adults who said they were Christians but did not place an importance on being part of a church family. Through all of the challenges our church has weathered, my parents have stuck it out.

I could probably go on and on but will stop there for now. I know that I appreciate my parents and the life they have lived in front of me. It has not always been pretty, but it has always been real and even when times seemed dark I knew God was there holding us up because my parents taught me that.
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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Anonymous said...

There could not be a higher compliment that to realize you learned from our actions. Active is what we are called to be in the Body of Christ what ever the "part" of the body we are. It seems as we go through life we might be a different body part. Maybe that's because some days I feel one or another part more and become more aware of what I thought was working just fine without thinking about it. Never stop thinking and being grateful for every aspect of life in the body.