Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I pray the silence and anticipation in your journey to Christmas has brought joy and peace.

(from Jane Rubietta, Finding the Messiah)

Dear one,
The angels' song 
Is the same today
As in the field
That long-ago dark night.
I still bring peace,
And favor rests upon 
All with whom I am pleased.
And you, you!
With you I am well pleased.
Believe that, please,
And be willing to punch out 
From your day job
And your night shift
And come to Me.
Because I came in Christ,
Through Christ,
Peace, peace and favor,
For you,
For the world.
come, now.
Sing with Me...

Here is a bonus song, for fun!  Merry Christmas!  Click here.

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