Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I can Identify...

My friend just posted a post about repatriating.  I could definitely identify with each of the things in this list.  Click here to read the original post.

This is the one that has been quite convicting for me recently...

5.  Judgyness

When you see the place you have always called home through a different set of lenses you return to it with a different perspective.
“These people just don’t get it.”
“Everybody here thinks they’re the center of the universe.”
“If they could see what I’ve seen.”
“I used to think like that before I moved abroad.”
Faith, politics, education, business, office protocol, you name it.  It’s all subject to a deeper scrutiny from those who have seen it from a different angle.
Here’s the catch.  It is highly unlikely that you will notice yourself being more judgmental.  You may, however, notice that everyone around you is wrong.
Side note — if everyone around you is wrong, you’re probably being more judgmental.
You are not the first.

Yeah, people around me are often wrong.  I often have a bad case of judgyness!

Thank you to those of you who meet me when I am in the US and are patient with my attitudes.  Your prayers are more valuable than you know!

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