Thursday, March 5, 2015

Plus Jewelry

This year before Lent started I began thinking about how to prepare my heart for celebrating the resurrection.  Many people give up things during this season.  I decided I would wear a cross necklace or earrings every day.  When I wear jewelry, I have a habit of playing with it.  I figured as I played with my jewelry it would remind me of the cross, of Jesus and His sacrifice.

This one decision has had more of an effect than I expected.  I didn't realize how much I actually think about the jewelry I put on each morning.  So, every morning as I put on my cross jewelry, I think about why I am wearing this certain piece.  It helps me begin my day centered on the cross.

As I continue the photo challenge I have realized every day so far could be either a picture of the Bible or the cross, or sometimes both.  Some days have been very challenging for me to find something to photograph.  As I think of what to photograph, I have also been thinking about why the word was chosen, what it has to do with the cross or lent.

One of my friends has been adding comments to my Facebook photo posts.  She posts a Bible verse to go with each photo.  It has been fun to read the verses she picks.  Sometimes they are verses I would have picked and sometimes they are a complete surprise.

Even in the busyness of every day life and ministry, lent has taken on a deeper, more contemplative role for me this year.  So far, anyway.

I am looking forward to more of what God wants to teach me, to show me, during the next 30 or so days.

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