Thursday, February 26, 2015

Giving Up?

I remember as a child knowing lent had started by the school lunch menu.  Every Friday during lent the school served fish for lunch.  Growing up in a baptist church, I don't remember doing much with Ash Wednesday or lent.  I remember some kids from other church backgrounds gave up things like bubble gum or candy bars.  I never really understood the giving something up idea.

As I have progressed (I hope!) on my faith journey, I have come to understand the importance of the season of lent.  Doing a quick search on the internet produces all kinds of helpful articles about and activities for lent.  Each year I learn something new and enjoy understanding a new aspect.

This year one of the activities in which I am unofficially participating is a photo challenge.  There is one word for each day of lent.

The first few days the words naturally lent themselves to what seemed like obvious pictures, to me.  However, as I continue, I am trying to take my time and to mull over the word before taking a picture.  This has helped me to become more thoughtful in the process and to focus on what the word has to do with lent.

As I have worked through the first nine words, I have felt that the Bible could actually be photographed for every word thus far.  I have tried to find some way to put it into almost every picture.

One thing I love about this process is that each Sunday is the word 'celebrate.'  Even as we focus on the cross, suffering, and sacrifice of Jesus, we take a day out each week to celebrate the resurrection.  What a reminder that in the midst of our trials and sufferings, there is joy!

The cross and resurrection are the center of our faith.  Taking 40 days out of the year to focus on this center is well worth it.

What is God teaching you this lent season?  How are you observing the season?




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