Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Awaiting a New Book

About a year ago I did a study with some colleagues entitled, "Wonderstruck" by Margaret Feinberg.  We were challenged to look for the wonder in every part of life.  Since then I have been reading blog posts and other things by Margaret.  When I read that her new book, "Fight Back with Joy" would be coming out soon, I was excited.  Her blog readers were offered a chance to read a sample of the book.

The sample was way too short!!!  I wanted to read more.  I suppose that is what a sample is designed to do.  Margaret is a popular author and speaker.  She and her husband work together in this teaching and encouraging ministry.  Their lives were turned upside down when Margaret was diagnosed with cancer.

We all have different responses to such news and difficulties in our lives.  Margaret chose to fight back with joy.  I can't imagine it was an easy fight in any way.  I look forward to receiving my copy of the book, the full book, and reading more about how they fought back with joy.

Even in the few pages I read there were several quotes that touched me.  One, from page 35, is:
"The Great Joy Giver is parachuting people into your life to remind you that you are not alone."
She mentions a few of the unhelpful-type people she encountered, but then reminds us of the encouragement she received, and, in fact, we all receive, from these parachuting people.

Although I have not experienced a personal battle with cancer, my dad is in that fight right now.  I have seen these parachuting people in my dad's life.  As I watch from afar, I am grateful for these people who remind my parents they are not alone, these people God parachutes into their lives.

I choose to fight back with joy and anticipate learning more about that fight through this book.

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