Sunday, December 7, 2014

Advent Reading

One of my advent readings from Jane Rubietta's Finding the Messiah this week included this:

Dear one, 
I remember. 
I cannot forget you; 
You are engraved on my hands, 
Tattooed on my heart. 
I’ve been watching out for you 
And watching for you 
Every day of your life. 
I remember your pain; 
I know your disappointments, 
Your sadness, 
All the almosts and not- quites 
Of your life. 
I see how you show up, 
Trying to be faithful, 
To cover all the bases before you, 
And that sometimes, oftentimes, 
There’s not enough of you to go around 
And you can’t get everything done. 
And here’s the truth: 
I rejoice in you 
No matter what. 
But in this season of “I remember,” 
You remember, too: 
In your normal day, 
Your normal job, 
I am with you.

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