Saturday, November 9, 2013

Out East

I have three supporting churches in Michigan who worked together to make my trip out east wonderful.  I had fun at VBS, outings with friends, attending the ordination service of a friend, and even spending time with a childhood friend and her family.

To those who live in the middle of America,  Michigan is out east.  I loved my drive out there through corn country.  I loved getting to share about Japan with hundreds of children, as well as hundreds of adults.  One of the three churches has been supporting me the longest and they have become like a second home church to me.  My trip "out east" was truly a blessing!

Taking Pastor Lyle for a ride!

Fun with Flat Coco!

Ice cream run after VBS

Another group of kids having fun with Flat Coco!

Jonna's ordination service

Lunch with friends!

Friends for over four decades!

Our mean pirate looks

Dinner with friends, an evening filled with laughter!

Learning about the Ford family

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Carrie Schlafmann said...

Thanks for the explanation on "out east." Ha ha -- I was reading this thinking, Michigan? East? Huh? Makes sense though for middle Americans :)