Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Coco Goes To Camp

I have gotten way behind, so I decided to just start back up with wherever iPhoto opened up... which was mid-July.

My friend, Kelly, asked me to be part of intermediate camp at Crystal Springs Baptist Camp as the camp missionary.  Anytime I get to talk to kids about missions, I jump at the opportunity.  And, the fact that I got to hang out with Kelly at one of my favorite places-middle of nowhere North Dakota-made the deal even sweeter.

Three boys from my home church wanted to go, too, so I had the privilege of driving them up to ND followed by a week of fun and games, songs and learning, food and sun, origami, sunsets and a mud pit.  Here is a week in pictures...

Fargo Mall-where you cannot buy a hamburger in the food court!

Looking across the field to the new men's dorm


My bright-haired friends!

My evening spot

Singing praises

Awesome worship leaders


Another evening...

Camp Cheer Contest




And moonrise!
Crystal Springs!

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Carrie S said...

Looks lovely! Such beautiful pictures of "your spot!" Glad to have an update on you too! I've sent a letter along. Supposedly, inbound mail can take 4 - 8 weeks :( That's the fun of real mail though! Hope you are well!