Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sushi and a Retreat

My first trip to Colorado in May included visiting my aunt and cousins (my uncle was away on business) and attending a retreat for missionaries.  I have attended the retreat before and really appreciated it.  I was glad to have the opportunity of attending a second time!

I introduced my aunt and cousins to sushi and other yummy Japanese foods!
Lobster sushi

Tempura and sushi obento

Yakitori obento

Rice with a fork is faster for this girl!
 Of course, we had ice cream, too!

 From Colorado Springs I headed up to Palmer Lake for a week of rest and debriefing.

Transitions can be like that sometimes

Ready for the week

The view out my window

This tree fascinated me.

Train in the middle of America, not for passengers!

Great reminder as I walked!

Evenings included games, ice cream, and fun!

Coco helped me with Bananagrams

She LOVED my shoes!

Game night included updates from the Rangers game by Rhonda

It's cold, but we'll eat frozen yogurt any time!

An amazing group committed to loving Jesus

Encouraging authenticity

Sharing a meal

Fun with Coco!

Sunset from the plane-heading back to SD!


Lori Poppinga said...

Lovely photos. I love the one of the three telephone poles~how apt. Praying for you as you keep on your missionary way.
Keep up the God work.

Carrie S said...

Jason is drooling over the sushi!! And I love the picture of that bridge and the big tree too!