Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February has arrived-well, almost

A friend of mine, who is also a blogger, has chosen the word 'bold' for her word for 2012. She asked me what my word for the year is. I have been thinking about that. I am not sure about a word for the year. It seems that I am being led to a word a month idea. January's word was seek.

I spent some time in January seeking; seeking God, seeking answers, seeking peace, seeking rest. I learned a few things about seeking, questioning, doubting, and faith through this journey in January. I am by no means finished with the quest, but feel I am being led to move on to love for February. I know that seems a bit obvious, but this is my quest and I have to follow it wherever God leads me on it.

So, as February begins soon, I am going to take up the task of learning about love. And, this year I even get an extra day to look into it!

I am going to attempt to look for love around me daily and blog about it daily, too, if I can. I am looking forward to February!

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