Monday, April 11, 2011

Going Home

Well, it is time for Flat Stanley to return to Colorado. But, before he leaves I felt he needed to have the big city experience. So, today he went with Yuri and me into Osaka where I got a new screw for my clarinet and no longer have to put it together MacGuyver-like, went to Osaka castle and saw the beautiful sakura trees, walked through the museum inside the castle during which time someone changed the seasons on us and had a lovely avocado burger for dinner. Here are pictures from the day followed by pictures from over the weekend that I haven't posted yet...

Downtown Osaka scenes...

Osaka Castle and Park

Our train arrives...

On the train..

And, last weekend's adventures...
Chatting after gospel choir practice

Italian soda at tea time after gospel choir

Sunday lunch: onigiri-rice ball with salmon inside wrapped in seaweed

English cafe

Thanks for visiting, FS! Please come again someday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Fun Continues

Flat Stanley and I have been having more fun together the past two days. He has done a lot of English teaching! But, he also got to be part of baking class and a trip to Starbucks where I met up with two friends and their babies. He even got in on a Bible study today! I wonder if I should take him to the dentist tomorrow?!

Here is FS helping scoop the muffin batter into the pans.

He enjoyed the sandwich but especially liked talking with Soichiro and his mom, Kyoko, and Emma and her mom, Saeko, who are not pictured.

After an afternoon of speaking Japanese, FS was ready for some English again. Fortunately for him, Mizuki speaks almost perfect English since she lived in New Jersey for 5 years of elementary school. Next week she will start junior high.

This morning Show P and I had a good Bible study. Jet lag was catching up with FS so he had a little rest and just listened.

The day ended with another English class. Yuri is studying physical therapy. FS got a little lost in the medical jargon (so does Shan, sometimes!) but really enjoyed playing Taboo!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Visitor

This week I have a visitor staying with me. Don't be shocked, but my visitor is male. He is about 5 inches tall and very flat! Yes, Flat Stanley has arrived from Colorado. We have been having all kinds of fun together already! I haven't uploaded today's pictures yet, but here is some entertainment from yesterday. The day was basically spent with missionary friends!

First, Flat Stanley (FS) helped me find my way to the store by pushing buttons on the navi for me. (BTW, FS's face looks quite a bit like my cousin, Gabe!:)

Then FS wanted to join the boys for a game of Donkey Kong on the Wii!

After lunch we went to the park.

As you can see, the sakura are beginning to bloom beautifully!

Then we had to come home and get ready for baking class!

FS thought a game of hide and seek on the fridge would be fun. Do you see him?!

The evening finished with washing dishes. FS was a big help today!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Live Gospel Cafe

March 26th we had another "Live Gospel Cafe" at church. We had a fun evening filled with music, food and fellowship! This time our musical guests were Kensaku Higashi and his wife, Hiroko, and Kyusai san and Makki.

Kensaku did a wonderful job of sharing the Gospel between songs, most of which he wrote himself.

Then we had a little intermission, Kyusai accompanied by Makki...

We had a lovely crowd and even gathered some supplies to be taken to northern Japan!