Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Fun... with friends

Although it has been a few weeks since I last posted, I am going to keep up with the summer fun with this post, too.

Two times this summer I have had the chance to go to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) with friends. I am so glad I got a season pass! It is about an hour away by train, probably shorter by car since it is between here and Costco and it takes about an hour to get to Costco! But, although I like driving, I am not so fond of sitting around in a car trying to get into and out of crowded parking lots and other such things, so I generally take the train.

The first trip was with the Ewing family and two Japanese families. One of the wives loves to plan everything out so she knew when all the shows were and which ones we should attend. The day we went was the day after a typhoon so it was amazingly uncrowded, providing us with opportunities to ride even the best rides twice in a row in the amount of time it usually takes for one ride. We even had hamburgers at Mel's Diner while we watched the light parade! It was a fun day. (No one said "Kiss my grits" though. Is that the right reference?!)

Noah and Kaho wait for the Jurassic Park riders

Waiting for the kids to return from their 3rd ride on Space Fantasy

Ah, brotherly love!

Waiting for the parade!

The second trip was a girls' day out and Hitomi's birthday! We had a great time! Several of us went on the roller coaster, twice. We got to see the monster rock and roll show which is Hitomi's favorite show. Ate yummy ice cream. And, once again, had hamburgers while watching the evening parade!

The day starts with pictures at the entrance with random people!
(Actually, their friend was taking the picture for us)

Must see Hello Kitty!

Happy birthday, Hitomi!

Waiting for the parade to start!

One of the floats

Both days were great fun with friends-and not nearly as hot as Osaka can be in August!


McMGrad89 said...

Sounds like a fun time.

Randee said...

Awww--that makes me miss USJ! Glad you could have so much fun! Hope you are doing well!!!!