Sunday, September 25, 2011


Something I learned in Peru, well, was reminded of, children are children. It doesn't matter what the location, economic situation, family life, etc., children want to be loved, to be hugged, to play with people who are safe. The children we met live in conditions I could never have imagined had I not seen with my own eyes. They have family lives that are not ideal. They have parents who work hard to provide all they can. They have dreams. They love to learn. They love to play. They love to laugh. Do you know children like that where you live? I do, too.

I watched these precious children run to any and all of us, looking for hugs and a playmate, holding hands with people who don't speak the same language. They may really have no idea where the US or Japan are. They don't really care. They know that we care about them. That is all that matters.

So, we visited their classrooms, looked adoringly at their artwork, watched their amazing teachers interact with them. We let them guide us away from our groups to show us something special. We gave out stickers and bracelets and origami. We swelled with pride as they showed us what they had made. We were humbled as they gave us the precious items they had made, some specifically for us, some to be sold.

Our hearts were ripped open, wider than we thought possible. And, children crawled inside those rips, taking up space we didn't know we had. Smiles and tears mingled with pride and love as we spent time with these precious children.

God is doing something big. He is using unworthy people to help children rise out of poverty. He is touching hearts of people of 'wealth' to be His hands and feet and heart to children and families in poverty. And, it is working. Children are growing up healthier. They are learning trades and creativity. They are learning about their loving, heavenly Father.

God is at work. I am humbled, grateful, and filled with joy.

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Stephanie said...

really appreciate this blog post and the beauty of the work God does (and deeply cares to do) among children.