Monday, January 10, 2011

Lots of Thinking

I know, you probably smelled something burning. That was me thinking, the cobwebs being burned out of my head as I thought about various things. As another friend said recently, being sick provides thinking time while you lay in bed/on the couch.

I have several friends who work in Africa, helping orphans, training leaders, teaching community development, etc. I love hearing about how God is working in and through them. Today I watched a video one of those friends posted on his blog. It helped me refocus my attention to what is important.

I get so easily distracted by the world immediately around me. There are things that I need to focus on in that world, to be sure. However, if that is all I focus on, I get tunnel vision and forget there is a big world out there that God created. We are to love our neighbor as ourself. We are to go into ALL the world and share God's love.

I have lived an incredibly blessed life. Have I shared those blessings with others or have I hoarded them for myself?

I have more than I need. Do I share with those in my own backyard, across town, and around the world?

I trust the God who created the universe. Do I trust that where He has placed me right now is His best and for His purpose?

Blessings, provisions, trust. These things have been on my mind. But, they can't stay there. If these thoughts don't move from my mind to my heart and from my heart to action, then they are meaningless, like a clanging cymbal.

I Need Africa
Cari Logan

Check them out and see what your heart tells you!


Carrie said...

Beautiful thoughts ... my thoughts have been around blessings, provisions and trust too. Thanks for the reminder to move these from thoughts into action.

crowbar said...

shan this is your ole buddy Rob from Texas give me a shout some time go to and fill somthing out it will get to me