Monday, September 6, 2010

Friends and their Pets

Yuko, my friend who allows me to stay at her house, has 7 cats. Well, she doesn't, but between her, her brother and her mom, there are 7 cats living in their house. I keep my door closed all the time:) They are pretty nice cats, as far as cats go, and generally ignore me.
Here is Frosty just before he jumped out of the car-he doesn't like cameras!

Yoshimi, who lives down the street from Yuko, has two little dogs, Cherry and Shion. Cherry took a liking to me and was glad to have me join them for a walk one day. When I left them she was a little upset and Yoshimi had to carry her!

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Carrie said...

With 7 cats, I would be keeping my door closed too!