Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet Day

We have started having Bible studies at church. So far no one we have invited has been able to come. But, we show up and have times of good fellowship. This morning, again, no one was able to come. However, Melissa and I had such a sweet time of prayer. We both had things weighing on our hearts that we wanted to talk to God about. He was real and present with us as we talked together and with Him. What a blessing!

I stayed at church working on my message for Sunday and practicing piano. During the afternoon I watched the pottery class next door working on their creations. At one point I looked up and a lady was walking toward the door. She just came right in and started asking questions about the church, what we study, picking up books and papers, and generally just looking around. Pretty amazing to me. It seems that here in Japan, people don't just walk into anywhere and just start looking around and asking questions-except possibly department stores! She seemed interested and said that she would think about coming next Thursday. She said that she lives nearby and passes by often so just wanted to come check us out.

It has been a sweet day!


Julianne said...

That's amazing Shan! How God works is always such a beautiful mystery!

Paul said...

Hey there! Sorry but I forgot to tell you that this lady came to Bible Study on Wednesday night and said she'll be back next week. She definitely heard the gospel and even took a Bible home with her. Praise God! Paul