Friday, May 15, 2009

New Digs

Today was the signing of the contract to buy a condo for me to live in while ministering here in Izumi! I am really excited! At the moment I do not have a picture, sorry.

It is so cool how God provided everything. Our mission was able to sell the mission house in Nagoya which we are not using any more. The earnings from that sale are just the amount we need to purchase the condo! I thought we were going to have to look for a cheaper place because we were going to have to pay some taxes on the house in Nagoya, however, the tax office there said we were not required to pay those taxes. Plus, two weeks ago the owners lowered their asking price to a range we can afford.

The condo is a 4 minute walk from the station, still in the same neighborhood where I am living now. The outside was just repainted last year so it looks nice on the outside. The people living in the condo we are buying remodeled it after they moved in three years ago, so it is lovely inside, too. They installed bookshelves in the living area and a nice shoe closet in the entryway which they are leaving for me to enjoy. I am looking forward to finding out even more about how God has blessed me by providing this place.

Moving day will be July 1. Flight to the U.S. for home assignment will be July 3. June will be a whirlwind!

Thank you for faithful prayers. Please continue to pray!


McMGrad89 said...

Hey, you and my brother will be home at the same time...Congrats on the new condo.

Ellie said...

Good news!

Mommy Missionary said...

Very cool! I'm so glad that God provided a new place for you! How long will you be on home assignment? Definitely would love to see pis when you have them! I hate moving, good thing the new place is worth it!