Sunday, March 22, 2009

*SCA Party 2009

This year 20 choirs led by our director and 9 guest choirs gathered for the annual SCA party. (SCA= Shin's Community Acts, Shinichiro is the name of our choir director.) There were some fun additions this year. One guest choir had several middle school members who did a great street dance to one song. There was also a Gospel hula group that performed with one choir. Both were very well done. The evening ended with Yamamoto sensei and his wife singing a song about God's great love-joined by their daughter.

The choir with the middle school dancers. The choir even had cool robes!

Gospel hula performing to a Korean song which has been translated into Japanese and become incredibly popular 『君は愛されるために生まれた』"You were born to be Loved"

The Yamamoto family singing for us-and making us all cry! (Number 2 is due in May!)

Several of us finished the evening together. This picture is at a bad angle because just before taking it I banged my leg into the shelf under the table and so was leaning on the table. Those of you with long legs who have been to Japan can feel my pain, I'm sure!

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McMGrad89 said...

I am sure it was a wonderful event. Sorry about the table thing. I think the picture came out fine. Thanks for sharing.