Monday, March 23, 2009

Officially Official

Sunday, March 22, Komyo Christian Church officially became a church plant of the Japan Baptist Conference. Pastors and friends from around the JBC came to celebrate with us for our opening ceremony.

We got started a little late waiting for a few people to arrive. When the service did get started, it started with a bang. Literally! Thunder rumbled just as we began! It was kind of cool-thankfully we didn't lose power.

Paul started us out with an opening prayer and song.
Then Pastor Yuzawa, from Higashi Muko Church where I used to work, shared the message. He is the head of the evangelism committee of the JBC, so is like our supervisor, too.

Doug Woyke shared a few words, also.

When I was a short term missionary I taught English at the Matsusaka church where Pastor Higashi was ministering. Now he is working at the other JBC church plant in Chita. He shared a few words of encouragement.

Kensaku Higashi was in high school in Matsusaka when I was a short termer and not all that interested in anything to do with church. Next month he is starting seminary. God works in mighty ways! He played the for us during the offering.

After a final prayer by Pastor Tanabe from Nagoya, it was time for snacks!

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Becky L. said...

Praise the Lord!! So exciting!! Oooooooh, I can't wait to come see the new church plant!