Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's that truck?

So, how do you move all of your stuff into a 5th floor apartment without using the stairs?

I found out today! Being from Madison, SD where only one building is over 5 floors I did not know this answer. This afternoon I was doing some work around the apartment and had all the windows open because it was so nice. I heard a truck out front which is not unusual in the middle of the afternoon. However, it seemed to be idling for a long time, then moving a little, then idling. I couldn't figure out what in the world was going on so came into the office to look out the window to find out.

That is when I saw these two trucks...

Recognizing the logo on the side I realized someone was moving into or out of my building. Since the truck appeared to be full I deducted that someone was moving in-smart one, aren't I?!

Then the noise started again and I watched the truck with the basket rise up to the 5th floor where more movers were waiting on the balcony to pull in all of the stuff!

It sure took them a lot less time to get all of the stuff moved into the apartment. I suppose it saved a little on their knees and backs, too, not having to run up and down the steps hundreds of times. And, it provided me a diversion from work for a while!

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