Wednesday, September 24, 2008

singing and study

Today was the first English class-Gospel songs and Bible study. Three ladies came and we had a good time singing and talking about the song I chose as well as studying where it came from in the Bible.

Today's song was "I Bless Your Name" by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. I chose it because it is slow and short. It is about Paul and Silas in jail praising God. We talked about how praising God in our "midnight hour" helps calm our fears. (I pulled this picture from their website.)

Also, the two ladies from choir asked me why I came to Japan. It was a great opportunity to share how God worked through many parts of my life to prepare me to come here. Both of them were very open to hearing more about God. They appreciate learning from Yamamoto sensei in choir but said they were happy to have a time to ask questions and learn more, too. I'm praying they will be able to come again and will feel more open to ask me questions about the songs in choir, as well.

The other lady who came is Mrs. Naka. She is a member of the Kongo Church and just loves singing. She was able to share some wisdom with the other two ladies and encourage them, too. I am really thankful for her participation and support!

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Anonymous said...

Why does God give us the ability to sing in the shower or sing in the choir? I think it is so we express the singing in our heart for his mercies and blessings. I am singing now for your opportunity to sing to the Lord God and those who sang with you!