Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

This year's celebration of my birth happened over a whole weekend! Saturday evening my English students brought a cake to class and sang to me. It was our first class so I was a bit surprised! My friend Ayako told them it was my birthday. (I met the lady who is in charge of the class at Small Talk restaurant last winter, I guess it was. She has been waiting for English classes to start since then! Since we met at the restaurant, she invited Ayako to be part of the class, too, although she couldn't come last week.)

On Sunday Ayako came to church with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Naka. Then after church the three of us went out for a wonderful Italian lunch. We made a reservation about a half an hour before we went and once we got there were glad we had. Several groups were turned away because the restaurant was full and the wait time would have been well over 1/2 an hour!

Sunday night my friend Kyusai san (pronounced Q sigh) from Gospel choir came over. I had planned for her husband and daughter, too, but they were not able to come, so we had a lot of food to eat! Even though it was just the two of us we had no trouble talking for well over 4 hours about everything under the sun!

Then, on Monday, I went to Ewings and we celebrated Paul's birthday, my birthday, and our friend Yumi's birthday. Ewings used to live next door to Yumi's family and Yumi taught Melissa everything she knows about yochien! (Well, probably not everything, but a lot anyway!) We had a wonderful pork tenderloin on the grill-finally got the propane refilled- and an incredibly delicious ice cream cake for dessert.

I also got to talk to my parents and sister and brother-in-law on my birthday, so it was a great weekend! Thanks to all of you who sent cards, e-cards, and e-mails! God has blessed me with a wonderful family and amazing friends!

The top picture is the birthday gang and Yumi's younger daughter.

I don't know what Jonah said, but obviously it was funny!

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