Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Walk Around Karuizawa

Today I had a chance to just walk and enjoy some alone time for a few hours. I walked to the outlet mall from Yuko's house. The walk is really nice through the woods and next to a golf course. I noticed a river I knew was there but had never really looked at before. Since there has been a bit of rain in the past few days it was running nicely over the rocks making a beautiful sound.

Then I shopped the west half of the mall (I know it is the west side because that is what is written on the sign!) and had a rest at Starbucks with my iced cocoa and book.

I shopped the east half of the mall finding that Eddie Bauer was having a sale! Next I walked through part of the town into another part of the woods to Megumi Chalet and the Woodshed coffee shop (pictured at the top). I had another rest with chocolate cake and my book.

Following this rest I walked through more woods enjoying the green and cool air. I ended up on the main street walking toward Natural Leaf and dinner with the candle shop couple at one of my favorite restaurants.

It was a lovely day! God and I had some good talks. I enjoyed His beautiful nature. I enjoyed time with friends. And I got a couple of good bargains.


Anonymous said...

I just relaxed walking around with you and imagining the green now compared to the snow back then. Seemed like a beautiful day God gave you to enjoy. Say hi to those I met. love,mom

McMGrad89 said...

What a pleasant stroll you had. I wish I were there to enjoy the sound and sight of the river. There is nothing so lovely around here. I would have to drive quite a bit to get somewhere quiet. (Certainly not in my house.)