Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yesterday I drove from Mie Ken, where I used to live, to Karuizawa, where I also have lived. This week is about the busiest travel week in Japan besides New Year's. I knew that going in and expected delays but only had a 10km traffic jam to sit through. It was a beautiful drive from the sea to the mountains. As evening approached I watched the moon rise over the mountains and the thunderstorm developing off in the distance. Every once in a while I also saw some fireworks flying.

I have been taking the train every where for a while and had sort of forgotten how much I like to drive. Of course, Garrison Keillor helps make the drive more entertaining! I don't have any pictures from the drive but just wanted to share a little about my drive. There will be more info on what's been going on in Mie Ken for the past three weeks in a future post.

While here in Karuizawa I hope to see several friends as well as sit and read for a while in the comfortable mountain air, still humid like Osaka, just not as hot.

More later...

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