Friday, January 25, 2008

Chocolate Cupcakes

Since the baking and English class went so well the first three months and everyone asked me to continue, we are! Monday was our next lesson. We made chocolate cupcakes. I have several recipes I have used before but got onto and found some more. I tried one recipe last week but it didn't turn out like I expected. So, I bravely tried two new recipes on Monday. I felt like I was doing a Pampered Chef demonstration for a few minutes. Since I own a good number of products from my days of being a consultant I am always showing the students new things. One thing we had fun with on Monday was the egg slicer which is a product they all use. But they only thought of it as an egg slicer. We sliced strawberries in class and I also told them about slicing bananas, kiwi, mushrooms, etc.
We're looking forward to banana bread next month!


Julianne said...

What an incredible way to minister- fellowship and chocolate! May many more doors (and ovens) be opened for the sake of the Gospel!

Brandize said...

Oh how exciting!! I love my Pampered Chef products! We use the slicer mainly for olives... with the occasional egg thrown in!

My favorite recipe place it . They allow you to search the ingredience. You can add chocolate, egg, sugar, cupcake etc... and get all kinds of recipes that would fit the bill. It is my absolute favorite for looking up any new food in my house! I've been making truffles lately... the yummy chocolate kind.

Thanks for sharing this!