Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is the name of a girl gifted and called by God. Maybe you have already heard of her, she's been on Oprah, Lou Dobbs, ABC and more. I am often a little behind the curve! When I ordered some books a few weeks ago I noticed her book and decided she sounded like someone I should get to know. I've just read her story, written by her mother, and viewed her paintings in her book and online. If you have time, check out her site: . God truly works in amazing ways!
(PS for you bloggers, why when I try to insert a link does nothing show up and I have to type it right into the posting making it not possible for people just to click on it?)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing what Jesus is doing on your Blog Shan! It is so great to get to see pictures of you and know what is going on in your life and amongst the Japanese people that God is ministering through you! - Love, Donna :)

Mexico Mitchells said...

Hey Shan,
When I put a link directly to my post, I generally hit the space bar one extra time and that seems to allow the link to be direct.