Saturday, January 23, 2016

On my way...

I found this on a missionary's blog recently...

This is where I want my desire to be going.  I pray that my desire develops into this, to just be with Him.  I know He is always here; He is always with me; He is always pursuing me.  

Yet, I do not always take time to sit down with Him, to turn a listening ear toward Him, to let my heart beat in time with His.

Before coming to the field we all read the biographies of the 'great' missionaries, Amy Carmichael, Mother Teresa, Hudson Taylor, and many more.  We wanted to do all of the amazing things that they did.  

However, we forget what we also read in those stories, hours spent with Jesus, Sabbath rest days, the desire just to be with Him.

May this become my desire!

Tonight I thought I was going to get all kinds of tasks accomplished after I finished writing my sermon for tomorrow.  As I stood in front of the sink to start washing dishes- keeping it real, several days' worth- I reached for the soap and my back screamed at me.  I very slowly and carefully walked back to the living room and laid back down on my mat.

There went all my projects for the evening.  But, there I was with no where to go, no desire whatsoever to move.  Hmmm, wasn't I just saying that I wanted to learn to desire Him more than doing things for Him?!

And so, right there, in the midst of my back pain, I started praying.  I started listening.  And, He was there.  He is here.  (I have been able to move up to the chair at the table now.)

So, I pray that I may continue on this path, the one in which my desire becomes Him and not activity.

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