Saturday, March 15, 2014


When I was in the US last year I folded a large number of origami cranes.  I gave most of them away to people to remind them to pray for me.  On some I had people sign their names and I brought them back to Japan with me.  I finally got around to hanging them up around my apartment.

As I folded the cranes I was praying for Japan, for the ministry in which I am involved here, for friends, and for the people who would receive them.  As I gave them to friends and family, I asked them to pray for me.  I even left some 'flying' around my home church.  I hope when people see them around the church or wherever they were placed around homes that people will remember to pray for me.

When I am sitting in my living/dining room, bedroom, tatami room, or office and I see the cranes hanging there, I pray for the people who signed their names and gave the cranes back to me.

What a blessing to be able to pray for each other.  Even when we are not in the same city, state, or country, we can still join in ministry together by praying for each other.  And, having a visual reminder is helpful for me!  In that way, these origami cranes become prayer reminders.  (The Japanese title of this post is a play on words which basically means that.)

Thank you to those of you who are praying for me and all of us here in Japan.  Please continue.  I cannot put into words how much your prayers mean to us!
In the background is the prayer quilt the ladies from West Center made for me!

Friday, March 7, 2014

An Introduction

Yesterday I attended the English Bible study at Komyo Christian Church for the first time since I returned to Japan.  While Yuri is on home assignment I will have the privilege of being the leader of the study.

We started our time with introductions, which were fun and entertaining.  Then we sang a hymn which is a favorite of one of the students.  It is an English hymn she learned from a missionary when she was in university.  I had never heard it before, but love the lyrics!  What peace we have in Him!

Constantly Abiding by Anne S Murphy

There's a peace in my heart that the world never gave,
a peace it cannot take away;
Though the trials of life may surround like a cloud,
I've a peace that has come there to stay!

Constantly abiding, Jesus is mine;
Constantly abiding, rapture divine;
He never leaves me lonely, whispers O so kind:
"I will never leave thee."  Jesus is mine.

All the world seemed to sing of a Savior and King,
when peace sweetly came to my heart;
Troubles all fled away and my night turned to day,
blessed Jesus, how glorious Thou art!

This treasure I have in a temple of clay,
while here on His footstool I roam;
But He's coming to take me, some glorious day,
over there to my heavenly home!